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Art Sessions & Workshops

Learn how to create energetic and beautiful abstract paintings and bring home your own masterpiece 

Your instructor is Carolyn Sharp,
an award-winning artist living & working in beautiful Elora, Ontario

My workshops are suitable for anyone from beginner to professional who want learn

my methods of how to paint dynamic abstract landscapes.

You will create energetic paintings using techniques I’ve learned throughout my 15 year artistic career.

You’ll discover how to find and develop ideas for your paintings, plus we'll discuss key elements to making great paintings including how to find compelling compositions and harmonizing your colours.

Acrylics & Mixed Media
Private Art Sessions

Discover the fun of creating with acrylic paints and other media such as charcoal, ink, pastels and waxy crayons. Learn how to create compelling compositions and colour harmony, and the joy of creating work you can be proud of.

Reserve 1 or 2 days, held in my Elora studio, 11 am to 3 pm. Max 2 persons. All supplies provided.
Full payment required to reserve, via e-transfer.

One Day Session - $125 per person 
Two Day Session - $250 per person
Email with your preferred dates to

Oil & Cold Wax
March 25 & 26 - 2 Day Workshop at Elora Centre for the Arts

- "Abstracting the Landscape"

Using oil paint and cold wax medium, learn how to create atmospheric and colourful abstracted land & waterscape paintings using archival oil paper and cradled wood panels. We will discuss how to create compelling compositions and colour harmony.

Full details and registration can be found here.

I am grateful to the talented artist, Carolyn Sharp, for her inspiring and well-organized two-day workshop on painting. Besides being a fun experience, I learned so much and was able to produce pieces of which I felt proud.  To work in her lovely studio, and learn from her, was a privilege!  Donna C.

Every now and then you need someone to refresh your creative juices, Carolyn was the perfect person to do that. I base the quality of a workshop on the number of times I think “That’s a good idea” and that happened many times over the 2 days. Thank you so much for openly sharing all of your artistic passion.   Arlene K.

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