You would love a piece of my art but need a specific size or colour palette for your home or business? A commissioned painting may be perfect for you!

Let's Work Together

I would love to hear what you would like to have in a commissioned painting. Here are some things to think about, then send me an email so we can chat! (link below)

  • STYLE – Please browse through my gallery, is there an existing piece you would like to have your custom pieced based on? Please also view the works in the SOLD PAINTINGS gallery in case there is a piece of sold work that you are drawn to in terms of colour and style.

  • SIZE & QUANTITY – What size(s) are you looking for? Will you be commissioning one piece or several?

  • COLOUR – Do you have a specific colour scheme in mind? Is there one particular colour you would like to make sure is included, or excluded?

  • INSPIRATION – Is there specific imagery you would like for me to interpret on the canvas? Please note that my paintings are abstract or non-representational and would only be loosely based on a photo if provided.

  • THE SPACE – It’s optional, but uploading a photo of your space would be helpful to visualize how the artwork will fit in its new environment.

  • TIME FRAME– Commissions can take a couple of weeks to several months to complete depending on the scope of the project. Is there a special event you’re hoping to have this for? How much flexibility do you have for the artwork to be completed?

  • PRICING – Below are pricing examples (excluding shipping) based on standard canvas and panel sizes. These prices are for gallery depth (1.5") canvases or birch panels, varnished, wired and ready to hang. Although my artwork doesn't require framing, you may decide you would like a simple floater frame so not to distract from the piece. If you need assistance finding a framer, we are happy to locate one for you. 


12 x 12 inches = $300  ||  16 x 20 inches = $435  ||  24 X 30 inches = $700  || 36 X 36 inches = $1,600  

36 x 48 inches = $2,300  ||   48 x 48 inches = $3,200   ||  48 x 60 inches = $3,800  ||  60 x 60 inches = $4,500


Once you’ve emailed me with your request, I will get back to you with an initial quote for the artwork, local delivery or shipping estimates, payment options, and estimated time frame.

Deposit and Payment Plan

The painting process begins once a 30% deposit has been received to cover initial materials. A larger deposit may be required for paintings on larger canvases and complex projects. Payments are collected via e-Transfer, credit card or Paypal. Each month after, an invoice will be sent with a link to send payment for the amount due that month. Once you make the initial payment, you are agreeing to the payment plan terms and conditions, please read before submitting your commission request.  

Final Stages

Once the artwork is near completion, I will share photos and we can discuss any minor revisions, if applicable. Once you approve the artwork and the final payment has been received, I will add varnish and hardware and it will be ready for pick up at the studio, or ready for local delivery or shipping. Shipped artwork will be professionally packaged and insured. Shipping costs are extra and not included in the estimated cost of the painting. 

Upon arrival, I would love to see photos of your custom artwork in its new home!