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Hidden Gems

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and getting on okay all considered. I've been laying low, enjoying the quieter time, and of course baking and eating way too many sweets! I just wanted to share with you that, one week before the world shut down, I had 4 large abstract paintings hung in the dining room of the beautiful Elora Mill Inn & Spa. I was so excited for the public to see these new pieces that I had worked so hard on throughout the winter months. They are 'abstract expressionist' paintings, which means they were painted from my soul, with no pre-conceived notion of what they were going to be. I just began with random mark making, and was guided along by each new layer (oil paint mixed with cold wax medium). The wax gives a wonderful depth to the paint, and allows me to scrape back into the layers to reveal some really amazing unintentional marks. I absolutely love painting this way, it's very exciting but also meditative at the same time, kind of like an archaeology dig. While we wait for life to open up again, I thought I'd share these with you. Although they were named before the pandemic existed, the titles seem very appropriate for this time, and I hope you eventually have a chance to view them at the Elora Mill. If you have any questions, please contact me. Yes, they are for sale!

RISE UP, 48" x 36", oil & cold wax on birch panel

CLOUDBUSTING, 36" x 48" oil & cold wax on birch panel

BREATHE, 40" X 30" oil & cold wax on birch panel

ONE STEP CLOSER, 36" x 36" oil & cold wax on birch panel

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